What is the deposit for all services? When is the Balance due?

25% of the full Taxed package amount is due to reserve an event day and service(s). All deposits are non-refundable within 1 year of the event date. The balance is due 15 days prior to the event date. Unless notified, all events with an outsitanding balance 7 days prior to the event date are cancelled.

Can I make payments throughout the time leading up to our event?

All customers are welcome to mail in or drop off (during normal hours)payments anytime. You will always be sent a payment confirmation and receipt through email. Any Pay schedule is juse fine as long as the contract balance is paid in full 15 days prior to the event.

How Far ahead of time do we need to finalize graphics for photobooths, lighting gobos, audio messages, etc?

All Choices, options, colors, accessories, must be be finalized 15 days prior to the event. Lighting Gobos need 10 days for delivery. Although 15 days is the absolute deadline, we do prefer to have your event in order and finalized much further in advance.

Will your photobooth fit in an elevator/upstairs?

In 8 years, we have never once denied a client or their venue because we could not get a photobooth to the desired location. All booths are built on industry freight standards and can be further broken down to fit in every venue to date.

How much space does the photobooth take up?

Our Design line of photobooths occupy a 6ft x 44" footprint. A scrapbook table also adds to the space needed and can be set on the same wall or on an adjacent wall.

How many guests can your LED Dancefloor hold?

Each piece of dancefloor (3’x3’) can hold over 1600lbs. The dancefloor can not be maxed out. A 20’x20’ LED dancefloor weighs close to 3 tons.

How will our attendants be dressed?

All DPC attendants will be dressed in an all black suit. We will also dress according to the theme of the event if necessary.

When will setup take place? When will teardown happen?

Depending on your venue, we will set up as early as possible the day of the event. The day prior to the event is always great as well. Teardown begins immediately after the event. Nothing will be carried over the following day.

Are your video packages fully edited?

On average, we spend over 100hours editing a single HD Grand video package. You receive everything in real time as well as special "summary", "Credits", and "comments" sections. If the ceremony is 47 minutes that day, it will be exactly 47 minutes on your DVD or Blue-Ray disc.