GOBO Lighting (Steel and Glass Color)

Splash your name with Gobo Lighting!

Specialty lights at a venue is the signature element in creating breathtaking, awe inspiring events. Nobody does lighting like DPC Event Services.

Using the most modern light and a few graphic images, DPC Event Services can place your (upcoming) initials, name or slogan onto walls, ceilings and floors.

750 watts illuminate a dance floor or 20 story building with custom names, symbol, or company logo.  Patterned and textured gobos can be used to enhance a theme or fill space and walls.

Colored (glass) gobos are also available which splash color onto an already textured gobo which creates a completely custom look.

Make a statement and brand your event!

Contact us today about our most popular lighting package which includes one Pinspot, Uplighting, and a Custom Gobo!